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Reach Right Handle


Reach Right will help you with all your long-handle tool projects in every season. The tool that pays for itself with increased efficiency and productivity.

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Discover the Perfect Secondary Handle Attachments at Reach Right’s Shop – Enhance Your Long Handle Tools Easily, Quickly and Securely with Reach Right!

  Transform your yard tools into ergonomic masterpieces with Reach Right! Our secondary handle attachment with its game-changing design works, no matter what type of tool you are using. Now it’s time to say goodbye to achy muscles and hello to easier shoveling/raking with Reach Rights patented clamping system that keeps your long-handled tools securely in place while reducing strain on your body. Simply attach it to any long-handled tool with minimal effort and enjoy an immediate, sturdy and strong hold. Whether you’re a contractor, landscaper or weekend warrior, Reach Right will revolutionize how you shovel, rake, etc. making it more comfortable and enjoyable.
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